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Sail me away – vadonatúj klip a Starflight-tól (interjú)


2018. október 26-án jelent meg a Starflight kéttagú formáció Fantasy Island albumán található Sail me away c.dalához  készített  vadonatúj videóklipje.Az alkotókkal –  Sarmad Ghafoorral és Jib Khannal –ennek apropóján ültünk le beszélgetni.

What was the creative process like?

I try to make the working process different for every album, so it never gets boring. With the 5 songs on Fantasy Island – I wrote them all on a ukulele, which I have never done before. Because of this songs had a certain characteristic. The ukulele has a sweet, tiny, tropical beach vibe to it so I’m sure it influenced the melodies. I never write full songs….I start with just a few interesting chords and a fragment of a melody…and I play it again and again until it starts to write itself. Once most of the music is done then I write the lyrics. Then I craft and structure the songs. Once that’s done – then .I go to a recording studio to record the arrangement I have in my head. I love being in the recording studio, it’s where I feel most at home – and anything is possible.

Where did you gain inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from so many different places. With the Fantasy Island EP the inspiration was Ibiza, Spain. I have been there on holiday 3 times, and for me it is a magical place. Nobody asks you where you are from, what your job is, what your nationality is – nobody cares, everyone is there for the same reasons – to relax and have a good time. There is a beautiful relaxed friendly vibe there. You can be whoever you want to be.When I started writing the songs for this EP – I realised that all the songs were about escaping every day boring lives and going somewhere magical where anything is possible. I realised that the magical place I was writing about was Ibiza! My holiday there had inspired me subconsciously.

The song Sail Me Away is the last song on the EP – it sounds like a “goodbye” song. I actually wrote it that way on purpose, and tried to give it  a bittersweet sadness. A sad goodbye – but also a possibility of returning one day…a glimmer of hope. I think the song succeeds in expressing that.

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