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Radix Verum – ride to the outer space,by Eschaton (interview)

Eschaton has just come out with its latest release, a music video for its song entitled Radix Verum.In this occasion,we made an interview with the creators of this music video.

Where did you shoot the video?

The video was shot at two locations.The part where we play as a band is in an abandoned and closed railway tunnel near town Kralovany. The second part of the shooting took place at Banska Stiavnica Castle with a little help from Vir Fortis – a historical swordplay group.

What was the shooting like?

The first – the railway tunnel  part – took one day for us to shoot. We had to bring ourselves lights, sound and all the equipment required including a hazer and a mixing desk. The location was I would say 200 metres deep in the tunnel and everything was very muddy and wet. It was also very cold down there. To power all the equipment, we used a gas unit to produce electricity. The shooting itself was very fun. We had a few problems with stability because of the rotten wooden railway sleepers. The drumkit fell apart a few times and we had a problem with stability as well when you have to headbang your ass off. The place was not pleasant but very cool and it was worth it. The equipment was so dirty after the shooting though.
The second part of the shooting took place at Banska Stiavnica Castle with a little help from Vir Fortis – a historical swordplay group.

Could you please tell me about your working process?

Our working process starts with writing riffs. The guitar melodies are the basis of the songs. Most of them come from the guitar player/vocalist. The second guitar player and I meet and decide on what we like and what ends up in the songs. We meet few times a week and work on the songs. Sometimes we build a song from the riffs which we already have and sometimes we built up on one melody and try to come up with what should come next. We arrange the riffs together, write harmonies. It happens that riffs just come out as we jam in the rehearsal room. After the songs begin to have some structure and we have decided where should be vocals, solos we pass it to the next guy who writes all the lyrics and takes care of the concept of the band and pass also to the drummer. We then play the songs together and make adjustments to the drums and everything so feels and play nice together. After that we hit the studio. We are working on our second album now so it is not like we follow some formula but that’s basically how it is overall.

Why did you release Radix Verum music video clip  4 days ago? Why did it take so much time after the album?

We already have one video out for the song Eschaton . We decided to make a video for another song as well for Radix Verum, because we think it is one of the strongest songs that sums our style perfectly. It took long because it was just a spontaneous idea that came to our heads just recently and we wanted to give our fans something in between the albums as well. We are recording a second one right now.

How would you describe your style? Or in other words, I could maybe also ask what is your musical ars poetica?

Our musical style is something between death and black metal. We try to be melodic and atmospheric but technical and a bit progressive as well. A good balance between these 4. Our lyrics talk about the world from a point of an eschatologist and the whole philosophy that is eschatology. The universe, its emptiness, search for knowledge, problems of the world – that all can be found in the lyrics.


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