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Put It Away – New 4-track EP from Betweenzone


Pigeonhole, the German electronic-alternative-progressive rock band from Hannover came out with their latest EP entitled PUT IT AWAY. It contains 4 different versions of the same-titled song:
Track no #1 is the single edition of the track “PUT IT AWAY”. It is a completely different version than that on which was released on the “FULL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Album from 2018.
#2 is the album version of that track.
#3 is the electronic remix in a sort of EDM-Style
#4 is the club remix

                                                                                                                                             Photo credentials: EAST

We have interviewed the the couple – Dave M. Rile and EAST – about their latest gig.

How did you come to the idea to make four different versions of the very same song?

Initially, there were two more versions of this song, but we decided that only this 4 versions would be good enough for a release.

Why did you actually choose this particular song for making 4 different versions of it?

We have chosen this song because it has sort of conventional song structure which is ideal for remixing.The idea of 4 versions of one song was born due to the fact that we wanted to do the remixes ourselves.

What was the working process like?

During the process of remixing we started to record new elements. So the result was not just remixes but completely different versions. Furthermore it is a specialty of our band to play on different genres all the time.

Special thanks for the band photo goes to: maikind_maikind_

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