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Nemesis – A new single from Parasol Caravan

Parasol Caravan

Parasol Caravan, the Austrian stoner rock band has just came out with a new single, entitled Nemesis, in which they take the listener for a ride in the outer space.We have interviewed the guitarist of the band, Bertram Kolar, who told us the following about their new song:

“The idea behind Nemesis actually came during a rehearsal break. We were just fooling around on a riff and quickly recorded it on a phone to save it for later. It turned out that we really like the vibe with the laid back drumbeat in the beginning and the straight forward riffing. Our singer Alex quickly found the hook for the chorus and as far as I remember it only took us one rehearsal to figure out the structure of the song. Our producer, Oliver Kamaryt helped us to work out some details for the song in the studio later. We are currently in the writing process for our second album and and there will be some more progressive songs on it, so it felt quite good to write a classic rock song, where the crowd could just bang their heads to.”  


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