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Chad Lawson koncert az A38-on (buliajánló és interjú)

Photo: Josh

Chad Lawson amerikai kortárs zongorista hangszerével és egy iPaddel felszerelkezve először érkezik Magyarországra a CAFe Budapest keretében, hogy bemutassa legújabb, Re:piano c. nagylemezét. A Steinway & Sons márka egyik arcaként fontos misszót képvisel: vissza szeretné hozni a zongorát a Spotify-generáció mindennapjaiba. Erre tett kísérletet legutóbbi albumán is: rétegzett komolyzenéjében zongorajátékát tableten generált effektekkel erősítette meg, ami egyszerre szabott számára korlátokat és végtelen lehetőségeket dalszerzés közben.

Az akusztikus hangszer és az effektek hangmintázására épülő Re:piano Lawson 11. nagylemeze, sokszínű diszkográfiájában saját szerzeményei mellett megtalálhatók Bach és Chopin-újraértelmezések is, de imadalokkal is jelentetett már meg lemezt.

Lawson szinte minden évben megajándékozza a rajongóit új anyagokkal, tavaly is új nagylemezt hallhattunk tőle, és kiadott egy kétrészes koncept-EP-sorozatot is: a The Broad Sun és a The Waning Moon egy szál zongora nyelvén mesélik el: milyen lenne, ha a mindennapi ember által legközelebbről ismert égitestek, a Nap és a Hold beszélni tudnának.

Ebbe a sokszínű életműbe nyerhetünk betekintést az A38 Hajón ma, 2018.október 11-én, ahol Lawson az élő előadására – és dalszerzésére – jellemző improvizatív stílusban ad koncertet a budapesti közönségnek. (Forrás: A38 Hajó).

Chad Lawson contemporary American pianist is coming to Hungary for the first time in the framework of CAFe Budapest, equipped by his musical instrument and an iPad, to present his latest LP entitled Re:piano. As an endorser of the brand Steinway & Sons, he would like to bring back the piano into the every day life of the Spotify-generation. He has been experimenting about that also in his latest album: he reinforces his multi-layered classical music by effects generated on tablet, which at the same time imposes limitations and provides infinite opportunities while writing songs.

His 11th LP, entitled Re:piano is built on the acoustic instrument and the sound patterning of effects, and in his colourful discography, we can find, besides his own creations, also reinterpretations of Bach and Chopin, but he has already released an LP with prayer songs.

Lawson releases new songs almost every year, even last year, we could hear an LP from him, and he also published an EP series consisting of two parts: The Broad Sun and  The
Waning Moon tell it in the language of a single piano what it would be like if planets like the Sun and the Earth could speak.

We can gain an insight into this colourful music career at A38 Ship in Budapest, Hungary today, on 11 October 2018,where  Lawson will give a concert in his typical, improvisative style, which is so much typical of his shows.

Tonight  you are giving a concert on A38 Ship in Budapest, Hungary. What can the audience hear from you? Could you please give me some kind of programme offering?

Sure, well if all goes according to plan it will be material similar to my latest release re:piano. A lot of factors such as venue, sound, etc are to be considered but I’m hoping this is the case.

Could you please tell me in detail about your creative process ? How does it work out?

Usually I have an idea of how to start a piece with the loops, layers and effects but a lot of the time the song begins to take shape on its own and I simply follow where it wants to go. Truth told it’s almost never the same thing twice.

Could you please tell me in detail about your creative process ? How does it work out?

Well, the idea with this release (re:piano) has a number of layers.  1. I’ve noticed more iPads on stages than pianos lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s the landscape the industry  presently resides. Everything is a touchscreen so it makes sense for younger audiences to create with them. 2. But another reasoning is that I’m wanting to show relevance to an instrument that may not be in everyone’s home as was the case 10-20 years ago. The piano still has a place  – in my opinion – and while the younger audience perhaps have not been raised in a home with a piano, I’m wanting to re-introduce the instrument; to say “let’s marry the traditional (piano) with the modern touchscreen as they can work together.

The final reason was I wanted to push myself. I can’t expect myself to say “hey, everyone making music with an iPad you should learn piano!“, without my being able to reciprocate and learn how to create music with an iPad. So, for me it was exploring outside of my comfort zone.  I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5, I’m 43. playing the piano is second nature to me but I would be negligent in my craft of composing if i wasn’t constantly trying to push myself into new areas, techniques, ideas. The piano is still at the core of everything I do. yet, i wanted to paint with some new colors and that took embracing something unfamiliar (for me at least).

I read it on your page that your other passion besides making music is that of eating. Do you also love to cook by any chance? If so, don’t you plan to give concerts at restaurants, while your dishes are being served?

My love for food comes from 2 things. (1) I worked in restaurants for 15 years while supporting my music and (2) my wife’s passion is food (her ‘music’ is ‘baking/cooking’) and I’m not allowed in the kitchen, which is totally fine by me as I could probably ruin a pot of water.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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